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Succulent 12 oz Honey Comb encased in artisan unfiltered, unheated, Milwaukee-made raw honey.One of nature's most impressive feats, this chunk of comb is best enjoyed with nuts, specialty cheeses, or wine as a chacuterie and/or garde manger delight.  

Bees consume their honey stores and transform the sugars into wax. Eight pounds of honey consumed produces one pound of wax. The wax is shaped by the bees into the honeycomb, which is the beautiful and efficent hexagonal structure in which bees raise their young bees and store surplus honey. And all of this is in service of the queen, who reproduces her whole life and perpetuates the life of the hive.

Notice: Since we usually return the combs back to the bees during the on-season when we're done extracting honey, combs are in limited supply until August. Please inquire about our stock before purchase.

Non-whipped, non-pasteurized but extracted and filtered - this fresh raw comb and honey has all the special nutritional components that not only aid in its exquisite taste but its health benefits. Trace amounts of pollen and propolis help with allergies, blood pressure, and skin health, while the lack of antibiotics given to our bees in favor of probiotics means your body won't be inundated either, able to properly build up its own antibodies against diseases and allergins.

12 oz Raw Artisan Honey Comb

SKU: 752830508798
  • 16 oz jar with artisnal, raw, unfiltered, unheated honeycomb for your health and eating pleasures.

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