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At Raw Honey MKE we make 100% all natural, raw honey at our headquarters in beautiful Riverwest, Milwaukee. Recent community development in the industrial portion of the area has bid well for added green space, shared community trails, and new small businesses continuing the tradition of Milwaukee-made products and services. Located in the "Milk Plant" Building, we are happy to be one of them.

Our honey is extracted in our manufacturing warehouse by our expert beekeepers-processors, Dan and Nick. Owners Slava and wife Vera are the scientists who keep our colonies healthy, while our researcher Jennifer makes sure our techniques are effective. If you'd like to talk sales, B2B, and collaboration, you'll want to get in touch with our sales person, Rich. For PR and media relations contact Leyton.

Reach out to staff through our Team tab, read more about our honey bees in the Bees tab, and honey production in the Production tab. Lastly, purchase our products in The Shop. We look forward to educating and working with you.  

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