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3 gram portion of honey bee propolis. Propolis can be considered the protective glue that keeps the everything together inside the hive. Not only does it reinforce the hive by way of structural soundness, but by its health properties for the bees as well. An amazing resin comprised of sap, botanicals from the local area, beeswax, and saliva, it's sole purpose is protection, which is carried out by minimizing disruptive sounds, preventing disease and parasites from entering the hive, and by mummifying intruders.


As propolis helps kills harmful pathogens within their hives, it can also help fight harmful bacteria for humans. In this study, propolis was found to be anti-bacterial in the mouth. When compared with calcium hydroxide, it was found to be significantly more effective than calcium as an agent. Likewise, it aids in the fight against the flu and other bacterial-based infections.

3 grams of Disease Fighting Propolis

SKU: 752830508897
  • 3 gram portion of honey bee propolis.

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